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off semi hiatus since school is out!

going to summer in the city 2014 on the 9th and 10th of august - come and meet me!
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giffing: every dan video
Anonymous asked:
Daisy! May I ask if you currently have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

haha of course I don’t

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When was the last time you cried?

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Anonymous asked:
you're so cute and funny aw

omg ty!!!!!! <3

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↳ butterfingers
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Anonymous asked:
you need at least 1 cigarette and 2 pounds of red lipstick before you become an arctic monkeys song. To become the ultimate AM song you must first wear knee socks, then call someone when you're high before you suck it and see



so many red lipstick choices

but for tonight’s tutorial i’m gonna pick sleek cherry topped with the topshop lip cream in smart

now grab ur leather jacket & your shades

now my knee socks are from drop dead

no one in my family smokes so we are gonna make a makeshift cigarette out of paper

light it

i am an arctic monkeys song

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Anonymous asked:
do you know what video the gifs of dan and phil standing with their luggage is from? ^_^

someone’s playlist live 2013 vlogs i think! i’m sorry i don’t know the exact url i suck 

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Today on ‘Sentences Dan Found Really Hard to Say.’ (x)

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